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Permanent Life Insurance
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Let us show you the insurance financing options that give you access to high-value wealth strategies.

Hexagon Insurance Inc. believes everyone should have access to the advanced Life Insurance and Life Insurance Financing options previously available only to the leading Canadian Business Families.

We help clients explore their insurance options and wealth protection goals with simple, straightforward and non-sales-driven information and advice.

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Canada-based or across borders

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Hexagon Insurance Inc. is a Boutique Insurance & Insurance Financing Advisory firm based in Toronto, Canada.

We work with individuals looking to protect the wealth they’ve created but who have been ignored in the past by firms only looking for “the big fish.”

We listen more than we talk. We’d rather fully understand your needs than just get another sale.

We make sure that every solution is custom designed for each clients unique situation and goals.


Protect your wealth & build your legacy with innovative estate and tax planning strategies

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Our deep and extensive connections within the Canadian Financing and Banking industries allow us to show our clients how to unlock the possibilities of advanced Insurance and Financed Insurance solutions.

  • Financing the purchase of Insurance
  • Recommendations and connections to financing options
  • Life and Term Life Insurance Options
  • We work with many insurance carriers ensuring clients get the best fit for them.
  • Custom-tailored plans to maximize returns for our clients
  • No aggressive sales tactics
  • Increase access to broader insurance solutions
  • Insurance Financing: the protection you need, not just the protection you think you can afford

Permanent Life Insurance coupled with Insurance Financing
The hidden key to maximizing your options

Our deep relationships with Canada’s leading financial institutions and lenders allow us to show you how Insurance Financing can help maximize your wealth protection options.

{I have known and worked with Linda Krisman for over 5 years in her previous capacity as the head of Scotia Wealth’s Insurance lending division. Linda was a collaborator who put clients interests at the forefront in working out various solutions and strategies benefiting our mutual clients. Her discretion and proactiveness in working with these entrepreneurial clients assisted us in arriving in the right place. When problems or complications arose, Linda was tireless in “getting the job done” vs “undone”, not always usual practice in large financial institutions.
Peter Sorrell
{I worked directly with Linda for more than 10 yrs at Scotiabank. I always found her a strategic thinker with an unrivalled commitment to flawless execution and exceptional client experience. Linda consistently strives for a deep understanding of her clients’ needs. She genuinely cares about understanding each client’s unique circumstances and finding ways to help support their financial goals, directly or through referrals to a network of trusted partners. During her time with my team, Linda built a market-leading reputation for insurance knowledge and related financing solutions.
Andrew M. Wright
Senior Vice President, Private Banking, The Bank of Nova Scotia