Offer the Unique Value of Hexagon Insurance Inc. to your clients

When you need help from someone outside your team.

Modern Financial Advisors have built their own client relationships but recognize the advantage of working with skilled, collaborative life insurance agents and financing consultants.

Collaboration can open up new ways of thinking and doing — increasing business opportunities, client satisfaction and increased referrals.

We honour the advisor’s client relationship and our mandate is to bring our expertise,  experience and network to help the advisor accomplish what otherwise might not be achieved.

Hexagon Insurance Inc. Leadership Team - Toronto

Hexagon Insurance Inc. is a new insurance advisory firm specializing in partnering with insurance and financial advisors.

We help financial professionals offer advanced leverage-assisted insurance solutions to their high net worth individuals and families. Our solutions can be white-labelled, or we provide a professional referral program.


Our Due Diligence Process

  • We meet with you to review your client’s objectives.
  • We create strategies tailored to your client’s specific objectives.
  • We explore the financing options available.
  • Using our expertise we reach out to our extensive network of financial institutions to find the exact fit for your client.

We provide a seamless execution of insurance financing arrangements with leading Canadian financial institutions.


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